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Exclusive Full Course, Permanent Cosmetics & Microblading Apprenticeship for Licensure in NM

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Become a PMU Artist

Training in Permanent Cosmetics 

The Curriculum

The Schedule

The Cost

What is Included


Meet the Trainers

Earn your License in Permanent Cosmetics With Exclusive, Top-notch Training 


You were able to call your own shots, make your own schedule and offer a service that can help you to pay for the life you want to create, for you and your VIP's. 

You were confident to perform your job as a pmu artist.

You were killin’ it in a job you absolutely loved.

Imagine if...

Over 100 Students Trained.

"I got my schooling and licensure through “Shea Beauty Institute”. I was impressed on how organized each segment of the curriculum was laid out. They gave us everything we needed to get us started.The instructors are so sweet and they care about their students! I would recommend anyone to pick “Shea Beauty Institute." 

Sara Basner 

In-Person Theory





Brow Artistry

Lip Blushing


The Curriculum

Color & Pigments
In-person Demonstration
Full Mapping instruction
Multiple Pattern Types
Micoblading Technique
Nano Brow Technique
Powder Brow Technique
Combo Brow Technique

Advanced Mapping
Color Selection & Pigment
In-person Demonstration
Machine Basics & Needles
Technique in the Skin
Healing and Aftercare

Styles and Wings
Mapping for Symmetry
Pigment Selection
Safety and Considerations
Live Demonstrations
Stretching the Skin


Building a Permanent Cosmetic Business
Understanding NM Requirements
Marketing and Setting up Shop

Prep for the NM State Test
Full Anatomy of the face
Skin, Sanitation, Safety
Science of Pigments
Room Requirements
Products and Supplies
...and so much more...

What do you get with this Apprenticeship Class? 
Here are the details to get you ready for a career as a PMU Artists. 


 Your PMU Training Kit is Included!

Wireless Machine

Pigments for Each Procedure Type

Practice Skins, Tape and Mannequin

Needles, Microblades and Tools

Numbing Cream

Wands, Spoolies, Caps and more

Machine Barrier Items

Mapping Tools, Pencils, String

Educational Reference Materials

Educational Slides

And More....


Everything you need to begin your pmu career on the right foot.

In-Person Theory




Technique Instruction

Models, Testing and Next Steps

The Schedule

Learn all the technique needed to be a PMU artist along side skilled masters. 
Learn microblading, nano brows, powder and combo brows, eyeliner, and lip blushing techniques. 
You will watch demos, practice on skins, mannequins and more. 

Once you are ready, you will work directly on live models to build the confidence to step out onto your own!
A practice test to prepare you for your State Board Test will be given along side a business class to prepare you for your next steps as a PMU artist.

You will have lifetime access to us as your trainers for all things permanent cosmetics through a private class chat. 
You will be privy to discounts on any classes we offer in the future. 

You want to know all the in's and out's of tools, pigments, anatomy, requirements and more? 
This portion gets you ready to pass your NM State Board Test AND teaches you everything you need to know to do pmu safely and successfully!

3 Weeks of Instruction

Continued Education

Upcoming Class Detailed Dates

2024 Exclusive Full Course, in person with Shea Beauty Institute

Monday, March 18th, 9am-3pm: Lips Masterclass

Wednesday, March 13th, Thursday, March 14th, & Friday, March 15th, 10am-3pm:
Brows Masterclass

Tuesday, March 12th, 10am-3pm: Understanding Machines, Tools, Equipment and Procedures

Monday, March 11th, 10am-3pm: Intro to the Course and PMU

Tuesday, March 19th, 9am-3pm: Eyeliner Masterclass

Wednesday, March 20th, 10am-3pm: Business Masterclass and Review of Homework

Thursday, March 21st- 26th: Models are scheduled during this time. Apprentices are encouraged but not required to attend their peer sessions. The classroom is open for students to complete homework, have study sessions with their peers, and complete final hours for their logs. Trainers can assist with all questions and homework.

Wednesday, March 27th, 9am-3pm, Thursday, March 28th, 9am-3pm, Friday, March 29, 9am-11am: Theory Seminar for Test Preparation

Friday, March 29th, 12pm: Final Test, Log Submission, Pizza Party and Graduation 🥳🥳🥳


"The classroom was experience was great! I LOVED everything and everyone. SBI prepared us well.

What people are Saying...


"Shelby is an amazing and knowledgeable instructor. I would recommend taking her courses.


"The observation and models were my favorite. This was a great experience being able to watch the trainers working!"" 

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New Years Special- 15% off classes!!

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Two Services

All Three Services

The Cost

You can specialize in any two  services- brows, eyeliner, or lips.
Your class dates and direction will focus only on the service you select. 
You have the option to add the additional service to your licenses at any time. 

You will be specialed and qualified for all three main PMU services- brows, eyeliner, or lips.
You will attend all the class dates.

It is $499 to hold your spot and register today! 

Receive an additional 3% discount when you pay in full 1 month prior to the class beginning. 

We offer a 3 installment option- 1 payment 1 month before class begins, 2nd payment the day class begins, and the 3rd payment the final day of class. 0% interest. 

Long term payment plan through a third party payment solution. Applicants are subject to qualification. Coming Soon! 

You can specialize in one service- brows, eyeliner, or lips.
Your class dates and direction will focus only on the service you select. 
You have the option to add additional services to your licenses at any time. 

3 Class Options

Financing Options

Reg. $6998

Reg. $8498

Reg. $9998

Now $5948

Now $7223

Now $8498

New Years Special

Additional Costs not Covered in Tuition

These will be paid to outside sources 

Hard back copy of the Milady PMU Tips and Tricks book (digital copy supplied at no charge)
Approx- $50

Registration for Apprenticeship with the State of New Mexico- $50

Book Bundle from the Society of Permanent Makeup- Approx $200

CPR, First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens Certification - Approx $60

Optional Add-ons

Option to do additional models (your first model for each service is included in tuition)

Make-up day instruction if regularly scheduled class instruction is missed.

Additional business or theory coaching- ask us for more info

Is Becoming a PMU Artist Worth It?

This class is for you if...

You are ready for more...

You were able to call your own shots and make your own career.

You want to add a service that can give clients confidence and feel good about their look.

You want to make money doing what you love!

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What is included?

NM State Board Approved Curriculum

Training in All the latest Brow Techniques, Eyeliner and Lip Blushing with Three Master Artists

Seminar Training and Test Prep in Color, Tools, Procedures, and Anatomy

Kit Valued at over $1500

3 Weeks of Instruction

All the qualifications to obtain your license in PMU in New Mexico

A New Career you will love...

Pay in 3 Installments

$499 today to hold your spot

3% off full price paid by invoice one month prior to class

15% off New Years Special

15% off
New Years Special

Pay in Full

$499 today to hold your spot

0% interest
1st payment- one month prior to class
2nd payment- 1st day of class
3rd payment- Last day of class

15% off New Years Special

Financing Option

We offer financing through a 3rd party lending service. 

Read more about this option 

Cindy Kocurek, Shelby Hohsfield, and Abbey Bell together make up the team at Shea Beauty Institute.

We are the owners of the Iconic Albuquerque Salon and PMU artists with over 50 years of combined knowledge in the industry.

Our program has been going strong since 2018, creating stellar PMU artists and building careers. 

About Us


Your frequently asked questions answered...

Q: Where is this class held?
A: The class is held at the beautiful Lorenco’s Salon on Alameda and Jefferson in Albuquerque, NM 
Q: How many hours is the course?
A: To obtain a permanent cosmetic license, you must go through a board-approved apprenticeship program consisting of 100 hours of theory + 20 hours per discipline. Ours runs 3 weeks.

Q: Do I have to have a Cosmetologist or Esthetician license to take the class?
A: No- we are part of the Board of Body Art and this class qualifies you for a license in Permanent Cosmetics- a requirement in NM. 

Q: Do I have to be licensed to do Permanent Cosmetics and Microblading?
A: Yes. It is a specific license from the Board of Body Art in Permanent Cosmetics. Not all states regulate permanent cosmetics, but New Mexico is actually a very proactive state when it comes to safety concerning body art. To do permanent cosmetics or microblading of any kind, you must have a permanent cosmetics license. A Cosmo or Esti license is not sufficient in NM.

Q: Is the course approved by the State of New Mexico?
A: Yes, this is an approved apprenticeship course in the State of NM.

Q: Will I receive a certificate and be certified through this class? 
A: Yes! You will get a certificate and receive a log of your work, making you eligible to sit for your State Board Exam and obtain your license in Permanent Cosmetics.

Q: What happens if I move?
A: Every state has different requirements and rules around PMU. Ideally, you will apply for reciprocity. You will need to check with the board in the state you are moving to to obtain the specifications for that state

Q: Will I get one-on-one support in this training? 
A: Yes! This class includes group training, one-on-one training, observation, and feedback on all work. 

Q: Are there additional costs associated with this program?
A: Yes- See this section about other costs associated with your training and obtaining your license.

Q: Will I be able to make up the cost of this course quickly?
A: Yes! This course sets you up for success. A new service regularly comes in at $300-800. With consistent work, you will have a great career.
Q: Do you offer payment plans for the class?
A: We have a pay in full, pay in three, or outside financing available.

Q: Do you take DVR students and DVR payments?
A: Yes, we are an approved vendor. DVR students are responsible for organizing all documents needed by DVR. DVR students are required to follow the class schedule, attendance policy, and requirements for graduation from the class as their fellow students. 

Q: Is there continuing education available after I complete the class?
A: Yes! We are always available to our students for all questions. Students also receive deep discounts on all classes they may wish to take from SBI or THOS as alumni. 

Q: Will I be required to find my own model?
A: We recommend that students do find their own models. It can be the same model for all services. We can assist if necessary.